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A large movement of Christians is moving towards modest clothing when it comes to dressing for church. The hope and, in aim of this movement is to be able to effect the rest of the society to dressing modestly. This practice has also affected the business community and network marketing and as a result making the goals of this movement to look very achievable. Sometimes, it may be very hard to achieve this goals especially when you look at the advertising policies of major fashion houses, it becomes very easy to surrender this quest. The advertisers always think that they can sell more by advertising women dressed scantly according  to their market research.


The big corporation and fashion houses always have wide media coverage and it may easy to think that they are the ones that influence the economy. But this is not true as it is the small businesses and corporations that affect the economy. Therefore it is very easy that when the church begins a movement, it will be very easy for it to pick up because they are the influencers of the economy. Its not a question that the big image produced by the big corporations can really influences the society but does the image produced by small corporations. Find out for further details right here


The church may partner with some fashion houses as well as marketing networks to make conservative clothes look more fashionable and desirable. This is because most companies will try to emulate and produce what the small businesses are bringing in. for instance making sure that one dresses for success as a pick up line for those campaigns. Dressing for success and church normally requires reformed dressing the kind that is modest, conservative. The elder members of the church may counsel the young against wearing short skirts, dresses or tight fitting clothing.  Learn more about Reformation Wear, go here. 


Make it a norm that whenever people come to church, they will adopt a conservative dressing to adopt to the reformed dressing. The women should do extra effort to dress modestly for all church meetings. Dressing modestly is highly related to the virtue principle. It is therefore good to teach virtue in your Sunday preaching in order to instill these values in their system. Dressing conservatively enables people to meet the largest number of prospects in a business relationship too, this virtue could therefore spill over to their other areas of business. Reformed clothes are here to make sure that our culture associates beauty with modesty. Take a look at this link  for more information.